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Water Shut Off in Belvedere Park

DeKalb County Watershed Management has been notified of a water main break on Belva Ave. They will begin work tomorrow, Tuesday July 13 to repair the main which will require them to shut off water to that portion of the neighborhood. They believe the water will have to remain off for the next two to four days. It would seem we will need to fill up jugs, tubs and other containers with water tonight and most likely will need to buy water to make it through until the water is turned back on. We do not know how large a section of Belvedere Park will be affected by the water shut off, however we believe it will be contained to the north eastern section. Watershed has noted that the escaping water is pooling around an electrical pole, but they do not believe power will need to be shut off during the repairs. If you have questions or would like to contact Watershed Management, they can be reached at the following numbers and at MAIN NUMBER (770) 621-7200 24-HourWatershed Mgmt. Emergency (770) 270-6243 Billing Information (404) 378-4475 Drinking Water Complaints/Questions (770) 391-6047

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