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Elections and Voting

Different types of elections happen on both a regular basis as well as an irregular basis (for special and run-off elections). There are also General and Primary Elections to keep track of. It can often be difficult to know when elections are coming up, if you are registered to vote in that election, who is running in an election and what their policies are, what referendum issues may be voted on, and where you need to go cast your ballet or return your absentee ballot.

The Belvedere Civic Club is dedicated to keeping our neighbors up to date on all election information relevant to our community and our county at large. We hope to help you ensure your voice is heard in all elections.

Election Law Changes

This section highlights the most recent changes to our federal, state, and/or local election laws.

Georgia legislature passed SB 202 on Thursday, March 25, 2021. This effects elections in Georgia in several ways. Many are listed below.

  • Requires an ID number, like a driver’s license, to apply for an absentee ballot

  • Changes the ability to request an absentee ballot to 11 weeks before an election

  • Moves the deadline to return an absentee ballot to two Fridays before an election 

  • Allows voters to request an absentee ballot through and online portal (HERE)

  • Reduces the total number of absentee ballot drop boxes in the state and in certain counties (check for where your closest ballot box is located by clicking HERE)

  • Allows the State to take control of  “underperforming” local election systems

  • Makes it illegal for volunteers to give away food and drink to voters waiting in lines

  • Revises the dates and times for early voting (Check for new early voting info HERE)

  • Allows election officials to begin scanning verified ballots on the third Monday before election day

  • Requires two Saturday voting days and makes two Sunday voting days optional

  • Revises times for runoffs to be held on the 28th day after a general or special primary election

  • Removes the ability for state and local governments to send out unsolicited absentee ballot request forms. Voters must now actively request an absentee ballot. You can request one or fill one out online HERE

There are many more changes. You can read the complete bill by going to

Upcoming Elections

This section lists the closest upcoming election dates and any important information about them. You may notice changes if runoffs or special referendum votes are announced.

Regular election and election related dates can be found on the complete calendar here: ELECTION CALENDAR

April 29th          - Advance voting begins for May primary/nonpartisan elections

May 10th           - Last day to request an absentee ballot for May primary

May 17th             - Advance voting ends for May primary


June 7th              - Last day to request absentee ballot for June runoff election

June 10th            - Advance voting begins for June runoff election

June 14th            - Advance voting ends for June runoff elections


October 15th       - Advance voting begins for November general election

October 25th      - Last day to request absentee ballot for November general election

November 1st     - Advanced voting ends for November general election

November 5th    - GENERAL ELECTION

November 22nd - Last day to request absentee ballot for December runoff election

November 25th  - Advance voting begins for December runoff election

November 27th  - Advance voting ends for December runoff election


Voter Resources and Links

General Voter Registration Information and Resources:

Check your current voter registration status:

Register to vote online:

Print out a voter registration form:

Key election dates:

Department of Voter Registration and Elections:

Phone Number: (404) 298-4020


DeKalb County General Election Information:


No Current Runoff Candidates

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