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On this page you will find links to a great number of directories on important governmental offices, services, administrators, and direct links to many online forms for DeKalb County departments.


911 For any emergency situation DeKalb County residents can dial 911 receive immediate assistance.

For other emergency services, click the button below. Mental Health Services, Crisis Control, Non-Police Response, Storm Damage, Downed Power Lines, Downed Tree Removal,

Code Enforcement

Code Officers enforce codes and ordinances related to property maintenance, zoning, planning, special land use, signs and permits. Code works closely with the Fire Marshall and Police Services. DeKalb County Office of Code Enforcement Report Code Violations.

Elections & Voting 

Click here to get any information you may need about voting and elections. This directory includes any recent changes to voting laws as well as a resource area to outside voting and elections information. General voting information absentee ballots drop box locations

Property & Taxes

Get your questions and concerns about property information and local tax codes in this section. A brief overview is provided on each area of property and taxes, as well as links to official county pages, resources and databases. Property taxes deeds laws ordinances services forms


In this section you will find everything from a listing of public school officials, links to outside resources, lists of local schools, as well as other DeKalb County schools and School Board information. calendar nutrition academics 

Animal Services

DeKalb County offers a variety of services for animal through multiple departments. This sections lists direct contact information for specific needs involving animals. Wild Animal Control, Animal Services, Dead Animal Removal, Pet Services.

DeKalb County Commissioners

This directory gives general information and contact points for our communities two elected  County Commissioners.  commissioner lorraine cochran-johnson larry johnson DeKalb County Board of Commissioners 

Law Enforcement

This directory is a complete listing of local law enforcement departments, executive administrators, and their contact information. There are also links to outside pages and informational recourses involving local law enforcement policies, programs, services, and more.

Roads & Drainage

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Water Services

DeKalb County Watershed Management provides many services to our community. It offers much more than just water to our homes and businesses. Look in this section to find out more. water services sewage low water toilets

Business Services

This directory is a collection of a wide variety of services business in the DeKalb County area can take advantage of. Not all are provided by the county. Many are state, federal, foundation, and private services to help private business thrive in our community.

Elected Officials

Click here to get a complete listing of all elected officials that have a direct impact on our community via their legislative power. The list is comprehensive and includes all officials from the President of the US to our local commissioners, including any contact information.

Parks & Recreation

DeKalb Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs Department has a wide variety of activities, programs, and recreational areas. This list gives general information, contact information and links to important outside resources. Parks and Recreation


The DeKalb County Sanitation Department offers a wide variety of services to the county. Here you will find information on services from dead animal removal to programs on rain water collection. Find out more about our sanitation services here. Garbage pick up

Other Services

In this section you will find resources and contact information for many other DeKalb County services and departments that doesn't fit into the other categories. If you haven't found what you're looking for in other areas, it may be here.

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