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Join the Security Patrol

The Belvedere Park and White Oak Hills Private Security Patrol aims to reduce crime in our neighborhood. The Patrol is run by neighborhood volunteers and powered by resident subscriptions. It consists of off-duty DeKalb County South Precinct (DKPD) officers, who patrol in uniform in marked police vehicles. They use proven community policing strategies and random patrol times to dissuade criminals from operating in our community. Our officers target the "hot spots", coordinate with on-duty officers to bring extra attention to our community and they use resident tips to proactively address issues. 

Every additional member of the Security Patrol ensures we can hire officers for more hours to help safeguard our neighborhoods and ensure those who may potentially commit crimes here know our streets are patrolled.



The cost is $200 per year per household (or $50 per quarter). If you are a senior citizen, then the subscription is only $100 per year per household (or $25 per quarter). If you would like to know more information or wish to subscribe, please visit the security patrol web page by clicking HERE.

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