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New CHaRM Site on Atlanta News First

DeKalb County land that was used as a dumping site will now become a new recycling facility.

This will be Live Thrive’s second Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) facility and will be located on Columbia Drive in Belvedere Park.

“Styrofoam made into insulation, plastic film that’s made into building materials, plastic bottles that go back and make new drink bottles for Coca-Cola,” she said.

According to Whitlow Ratcliffe, the Atlanta facility sees hundreds of people on the three days they’re open.

In 2023, the facility had 83,000 visitors.

Now a second facility will help the nonprofit tremendously.

“Bigger reach, greater impact,” Whitlow Ratcliffe said. “It gives more people the opportunity to recycle all of those things that can be recycled and not thrown into the waste bin.”

The new location in DeKalb County will be open on the days the Atlanta location is closed and the facility will also have a community garden and more educational opportunities.

“Come learn that it really can be recycled and there is use for all of those materials that you want to throw away and just don’t know what to do with,” Whitlow Ratcliffe said.

Live Thrive is planning to have the new facility open by the end of April.

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