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Belvedere Civic Club Selected for Statewide Award

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources selected the Belvedere Civic Club to receive the 2022 Georgia Club Award.

For many years the Belvedere Civic Club has participated in RiversAlive Georgia, a statewide effort to clean up our lakes, rivers, wetlands, streams, and other natural water resources.

Our neighborhood is fortunate to have Shoal Creek flow through our community, and this is the waterway that the Belvedere Civic Club has worked to keep clean and well maintained. The head waters of Shoal Creek is on the south side of the City of Decatur, and flows southward through many lovely communities where it finally contributes its waters to the South River on the southern end of DeKalb County.

As a result of our efforts, the Department of Natural Resources chose the Belvedere Civic Club for the 2022 Georgia Club Award. The award ceremony was conducted at the Park Tavern near Piedmont Park. Mr. Wayne Powell, President and Ms. Victoria Anglin, Vice President, received the award on behalf of the Belvedere Civic Club.

To learn more about the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ RiversAlive effort to clean our waterways, go to their website at

You can see photographs of our community’s 2022 RiversAlive cleanup effort of Shoal Creek in our “Gallery”.

To stay informed of important events happening in and around the Belvedere Park community, subscribe to the Belvedere Civic Club newsletter by clicking the “E-NEWSLETTER” button at the bottom of this page.

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