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BCC President, Wayne Powell Given Park Pride Award

Congratulations to the Belvedere Civic Club's current President, Wayne Powell, for winning this year's Park Pride 2023 Inspiration Award!

You can view a short video about Wayne Powell and the Award here.

From Park Pride: "We know that great parks exist through the efforts of leaders who nurture the bond between parks and communities. Park Pride's Annual Inspiration Awards honor these leaders, whose efforts are invaluable to our collective intention to make all parks great parks, and to make them accessible to all Atlanta residents and visitors. Congratulations to Wayne Powell of Shoal Creek Park 1! Wayne Powell has been a steward of Shoal Creek Park 1 in DeKalb County for over 50 years. He embodies community connection and has used the park as a hub for many celebrations, bringing neighbors together for fun and friendship. He also maintains close ties with county leaders to ensure prompt care of all greenspaces in the Belvedere Park neighborhood. Wayne and a steering committee of community members are finalizing a Vision Plan for Shoal Creek Parks 1, 2, & 3. Reflecting on this process, which was guided by Park Pride’s Visioning team, Wayne offers some advice on community engagement that we want to elevate. "

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