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What’s in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill for Georgia

(To read the entire multi-authored article in the AJC explaining in much greater detail the context and itemization of expenditures in Georgia, click the link HERE.)

President Joe Biden will sign an infrastructure bill into law Monday that represents over $1 trillion in spending over the next decade, billions of which is headed to Georgia.


Minimum $8.9 billion for roads, $225 million for bridges

The bill includes $8.9 billion for repairs to Georgia roads and highways, plus an additional $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs. Georgia can also compete for grants that could bring in additional dollars.


Minimum $100 million

Every state is receiving $100 million to increase broadband access, and billions more will be divided up among the states according to a formula that is based upon the number of people who don’t have reliable internet.


$1.4 billion

The bill includes nearly $1.4 billion over five years for public transportation in Georgia, including $923 million for metro Atlanta.


$619 million

The bill includes $619 million for repairs and upgrades at Georgia airports over five years. Georgia’s rural airports have millions of dollars of projects they would like to pursue with their share of the money.


$8 million

The Port of Savannah is getting $8 million to help convert five existing facilities into container yards, officials said Tuesday.


Georgia numbers aren’t yet available

A variety of power industry players and regulators say they don’t know yet how much of the tens of billions of dollars to upgrade and expand the nation’s electric grid will end up in Georgia.


Minimum $135 million

Environmental advocates who spoke with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution say that over time the $7.5 billion in funding included to expand the nation’s network of electric vehicle charging stations could help cut greenhouse gas emissions across the country. Georgia would receive $135 million for this program.

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