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First Videos in Candidate Spotlight Series Released

The Belvedere Civic Club is excited to announce the release of the first round of videos in our new Candidate Spotlight Series.

In these videos, we interview each candidate running for an office that directly affects our community. In this first series, we interview Steve Bradshaw, Lorraine Cochran-Johnson and Larry Johnson who are all running for the DeKalb County CEO office after Michael Thurmond retires.

You can view all three interviews on our YouTube channel HERE.

We will be releasing more videos after the primary. The offices of District 3 Commissioner and Super District 7 are currently vacant. They won't be on the primary ticket. Instead, they will all be running in the November General Election. We will release these videos closer to that election date.

Please be aware that you may see some edits in the videos. No content was edited from the interviews. However, we did edit out audio errors and any technical glitches we could for ease of viewing.

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