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Stix and Stones Homes Community Meeting on Monday, January 22nd

On Monday evening, January 22nd at 6 p.m. Stix and Stones Homes will hold a community meeting to get public input on their plans to build new cottage style homes on Columbia drive.

Last year this developer submitted an application to DeKalb County to develop twenty new homes on two vacant lots at 1484 and 1520 Columbia Drive. This proposed development is adjacent to our community and will have an impact on all surrounding neighborhoods. The DeKalb County District 3 Community Council recommended that the application be denied. Now, Stix and Stones Homes has requested deferral of this application to allow more time to meet with the Belvedere Park community to address neighborhood concerns.

The Belvedere Civic Club strongly encourages all interested neighbors to attend where we will have the opportunity to ask questions of the developers.

To join the Zoom virtual meeting, follow this link:

Below is the link to the DeKalb County site for the deferred application. This very large document has some examples of cottage dwellings that may be constructed in this development. Included in the document are some issues raised by the DeKalb County Planning Department. If you'd like to see the original application, the link is :


On pages 20 through 22 of this document are architectural renderings of what the proposed cottage homes may look like.

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