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Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination Sites and Info

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Are you confused about how to get tested for Covid-19 or how and where to get vaccinated?

Below you'll find two sections, each with information and links to online recourses.

Covid-19 Testing

Anyone can get tested for the Covid-19 virus. You do not need to have insurance, but with or without insurance, the test comes at no cost to you. You may need to have a government issued ID, and if you do have insurance, you may need to bring your insurance card to the location. However, both times I personally got tested, all I needed to bring was the confirmation number assigned to me after I finished the online scheduling process.

Free testing is prioritized for those currently experiencing symptoms, those who believe they may have been exposed to someone who has Covid-19, or those who work in high risk areas such as nursing homes, medical facilities, or front line workers such as grocery store employees.

If you just want to take a test or need one to travel outside the country, insurance will still pay for it but there may be a co-pay. If you don't have insurance, the test may cost around $100. Visit the sites below for more information on individual requirements.

You should be aware that availability for testing can change depending on local demand. Demand is highest around holidays, weekends, and typical travel dates.

I have found the easiest way to schedule a Covid-19 test is to go to the website

CVS is participating in a federal plan for Covid-19 testing, and I was able to quickly and easily schedule both tests at the CVS drive through near the corner of Columbia and Glenwood.

Other websites for scheduling a Covid-19 test are below.

You can find more information on testing, including when to get tested and interpreting your test results by going to the Georgia State Department of Health website HERE.

Covid-19 Vaccines

Vaccine appointments are being given according to several factors:

  • Current vaccine supply to specific medical providers, our area overall, and Georgia in general

  • Your current vaccine priority based on age (65 or older)

  • Pre-existing conditions that make you more vulnerable to Covid-19

  • Caregivers for those 65 and older or those with pre-existing conditions

  • Eligibility based on essential worker status (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, 911)

  • Pre K through 12th grade educators

  • Parents of children with complex medical conditions

Scheduling a Covid-19 Vaccine

  • The CDC has just launched a new website to search for Covid-19 vaccine providers at VaccineFinder.Org

  • NBC News has developed a new website to schedule vaccines when you become eligible. It's called Plan My Vaccine and you can visit that site HERE.

  • The Georgia State Department of Health has set up an online portal to schedule vaccine for those eligible at MyVaccineGeorgia.Com. Here you can also sign up to an email list to get updated info on when you might become eligible or when your vaccine status changes. There's also important info about the vaccine and its current availability in our area.

  • CVS again partnered with the federal government to distribute the vaccine. You can see your eligibility and schedule a vaccine appointment at their online portal HERE.

  • Walmart and GoodRx have set up a portal to schedule a vaccine appointment at local stores. You can sign up HERE. They also have a sign up form to be notified when vaccine appointments become available.

For more information on the vaccine in general, FAQs, safety, eligibility, and how to get a vaccine, you can visit the CDCs website HERE or the GA DPH website HERE.

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