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Sewer Line Work Update

Belvedere Civic Club President, Wayne Powell, spoke with several representatives of Southeastern Pipe, the contractor that is doing sewer line rehabilitation in our community for DeKalb County. They provided an update on the status of their work. This information may have an impact on some of our neighbors.

We are told that the work is almost completed in our community. Currently, they have a large excavator doing work on San Juan Dr. They stated that their work will not involve digging up the street. We are told that they will only be digging in the county right of way along San Juan Dr. This will, however, impact the front lawns of approximately 5 neighbors on San Juan. This work is necessary at homes that do not have a sewer line clean out port in the county right of way.

At an earlier stage of their work, we were told that they needed to remove the white PVC cap in our front yards that covers the sewer line clean out port. This was necessary to allow a pressure release pathway while they were doing work on the main sewer line. They stated that, if they did not remove this PVC cover, then sewage could be forced up the line and into our homes. Also, they told us that they would replace the sewer cleanout cover when their work was complete.

Unfortunately, they did not replace this cleanout port cover in my sewer line. When I brought this to their attention, one of the workers immediately texted their supervisor to have a replacement cover installed on my sewer line clean out port. It is a code violation if your sewer line does not have a cover on it. Therefore, I urge all of our neighbors to check to determine if Southeast Pipe has replaced your cleanout port cover. If they have not replaced your cover, then please inform me and I will pass that information on to the work crew. I am confident that none of us wish to experience the cost and inconvenience of locating, purchasing, and installing this cleanout cover to comply with County code.

Included in this post is a picture of the liner that Southeast Pipe installed in the main sewer lines in our community. Their work crew told me that they guarantee that their liner is good for 40 years. However, they stated that they believe the liner will last as much as 100 years.

If you have questions, then please let us know through the "Contact" tab. We hope that everyone will have a healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year!

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