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Belvedere Park Mural Painting 

From Maria Rosoto: "Belvedere Park's first mural is Completed and now ready for your viewing pleasure 😃 The mural starts with the Belvedere Civic Club logo tree and marks the year the neighborhood was established (1952). You'll notice the white line weaving through the entire mural - it represents Shoal Creek. We have fig leaves for the bountiful fig trees in our greenspace that I call "Figgy Park". Maple and oak leaves are a shout out to our exceptionally forested neighborhood, which is home to the bard owls that inspired the Belvedere Park Neighborhood Association logo and house number plaques. We chose a vintage 1950's font to reflect our mid-century modern style. It's the past and the present; it's for the legacy residents and the newbies; it's for the love and hopes we have for our community; and it's a statement of neighborhood pride. This was funded by the Towers Action Group (led by Victoria Anglin) through the DeKalb Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative. Permission to paint the wall was granted by the Belvedere Apartment owner, who also provided the skim coat necessary for this mural's high quality appearance. Shelby Kurland donated some paint, Wayne Powell provided food and beverages, and our neighbor Grill-Master David spent all day Saturday grilling and being his cool self. We are especially fortunate to have really skilled artists in the neighborhood without whom this mural would not have developed as it did: Shelby Kurland, Julia Merriam, Diem Ngo and, uh, myself. This was a major effort over five days. Special thanks to our painters and tracers (I don't know everyone's last name, sry!): Wayne Powell, Terez, Roz Barnes, Christy Purser, Emily Cox, Jamie S., Prema, Soledad, Jessica Woodside, Myah Anglin, Victoria Anglin, Rico, Diem Ngo, Shelby Kurland, Julia Merriam, and, uh, myself. We were super fortunate to find the exact company with the right heart and talent for this project - ThisisOCD, LLC. Benny Slay and Jessie allowed our vision to blossom in a way that was actually kind of divine."

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