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Earth Day 2022

For Earth Day on May 24, 2022, Park Pride and Friends of Shoal Creek Park 1 joined together in a celebratory park cleanup. In partnership with the Belvedere Civic Club, The Belvedere Park Neighborhood Association, and several local collages, volunteers gathered at Shoal Creek Park 1 and engaged in a wide reaching creek cleanup and park ground maintenance project. 

At the creek, volunteers pulled discarded garbage and dumped car parts from the water. Large debris was removed from the wooded area around the creek. And, buckets of broken glass and litter were picked up from the shore line.

Other volunteers worked on scraping mud and collected fallen leaves from walkways. Further in the park, extensive work was done to remove invasive plant species that choke out native plants (i.e. English Ivy, Chinese Privet, Kudzu, etc.) and other unwanted plants like poison ivy and brambles.

The Belvedere Civic Club provided water and Gatorade, and the DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Affairs hauled off all the accumulated refuse and plant debris.

All in all it was a great time and a tremendous success. Please feel free to click on the images below to see just some of the outstanding work the volunteers were able to accomplish.

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