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2023 Earth Day Cleanup with Inter Atlanta FC

Our Annual Earth Day Cleanup of  Shoal Creek and Shoal Creek Park 1 was another great success! A big thank you goes out to Jessica Woodside for the outstanding work she did to organize and coordinate this event.


Another huge thank you goes out to Inter Atlanta Football Club (soccer) and their members for partnering with the Belvedere Civic Club to make this event an even greater success. And certainly, we must thank many members of Friends of Shoal Creek Park 1 and members of the Belvedere Civic Club for all of the valuable effort they invested in improving the quality of life of our park and our community. Thank you, everyone.

Here are just some of the items that were removed from the creek and surrounding areas:

  • 4 old, rusted out shopping carts

  • 7 discarded tires

  • A rotted foam mattress

  • Tens of pounds of various scrap automobile parts

  • Several buckets of broken and discarded glass

  • At least 20 contractor bags of trash and debris from the creek and park

It's worth noting that the shopping carts were almost completely buried in the silt at the bottom of the creek. We broke two
shovels in our effort to excavate these buried shopping carts! It took the hard work of several people working together to get them all out.

The following day, all the piles of debris and trash had been removed from the park. Thank you, DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Department!

The Inter Atlanta Football Club will become our new neighbor! They have purchased the 13-acre property located on the east side of Shoal Creek Park 1, and will soon begin construction on 3 full size soccer fields. The club will invest approximately $1 million to develop their soccer fields on the floodplain portion of the property to ensure they properly drain after each rainfall. We want to extend a very warm welcome to the Inter Atlanta Football Club as a new neighbor and a valuable contributor to the quality of life in our community. 

If you wish to learn more about our new neighbor, Inter Atlanta Football Club, then please go to their website at

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